Style ≠ Discomfort

Quality durags providing you with comfort without compromising on style.

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Saving You Money

As hair stylists are charging more because of this pandemic, putting money into a Rags II Riches Durag will save you as it will safeguard your trim for longer.

Key Benefits of Rags-II-Riches Durags

Extra-Long Tail

Achieving greatest solace with our extra long tail. No more hot heads, cerebral pains and irritating lines. We have figured out how to consummate the tail head proportion to guarantee you at this point don't need to go through battles of waking up with your head hurting because of limited blood stream. Nor stressing if your durag will be on when your head when you wake.

Flexi Fabric

Despite the fact that we have needed to add additional material to accomplish our long-tail we haven't cut any corners on quality. We have guaranteed that we have still given the most quality material to keep up with our lively shadings. We are continually dealing with sourcing new shadings so you never need to stress over being outdated or dull.

Mositure Retention

Our silk inside permits your hair to clutch however much oil as could be expected so that whenever you have laid your hair and tied your durag you shouldn't need to stress over your scalp getting evaporate for to 12 hours. Giving you a lot of time to rest unafraid of awakening a dry scalp which can get bothersome as the day progressed. Giving your waves or plaits maximum definition.

What our customers have to say about us

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I wasn't expecting them to look and feel as good as they actually do


Wish this was around earlier my trims could have been fresher for longer


I didn't think I could get so excited over durags